December 18, 2009

Urban Decay Brightening Primer (Review)

This is the one that comes in light Lavender squeeze tube, with the same silver cap as the Pore Perfecting Primer. Simple and functional packaging. No wastage at all.
It’s a silicone free moisturizing primer for face. ‘Silicone free’ is a good news for anybody who are allergic to silicones or detest the over all feel of a silicone based product.

Urban Decay Brightening Primer

What it is:
An oil-free, skin-brightening moisturizer that contains wrinkle-reducing
Matrixyl 3000.

Dull skin? Fine lines? Disappearing foundation? Try Brightening Complexion
Primer Potion under foundation for beautifully moisturized skin that looks
brighter and feels tighter. This lightweight, oil-free, never-greasy formula
includes the buzz-worthy ingredient Matrixyl 3000—celebrated for its ability to
reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Hyaluronic Filling Spheres also minimize the
look of fine lines while leaving skin beautifully moisturized. Your skin will
look youthful and lifted and your foundation will slide on smoothly, evenly, and
last longer. Though it's ideal for mature complexions that crave moisture, this
brightening formula is sure to give every skin type a healthy glow.

The tube

It claims to be a Brightening primer potion, but I didn’t find it brightened my face or anything…Now, I really don’t know what exactly should I be expecting from a Brightening product. May be I was under impression I would look “BRIGHT” …lol!!!
On a serious note, it did make my skin smooth, and made it appear healthy, dewy and gave a natural glow.
It is a whitish gel cream and the formula is smooth and light, not thick. It is bit sticky initially for like 45 seconds, but absorbs beautifully into skin and later dries to give a smooth finish. Now, there is a catch…If I apply it more than needed, it lightens the skin color a bit, but not as bad as the pore perfecting one.

The consistency

I have weird skin. It tends to get super oily in summer and dry and flakey in winters. I try to avoid wearing foundations often in winters. This primer did help me prepare my skin to a smooth, moist base for foundation. I didn’t expect it to shrink my pores simply because there is one more Pore Perfecting Primer by Urban decay and this one is uniquely called as Brightening primer. It did fill in those fine lines, minor imperfections pretty perfectly. The skin felt fresh, dewy and ‘prepared’. My face was not greasy at all. Infact I felt my skin was ‘tight’ just like the way it is after applying a face mask.

Sheered out and blended

My foundation did layer on easily without showing the flakey skin and it did last for a decent time. 6 hours plus. Same is the case with my other primers, so its fine.
In a nutshell:
1. Silicone free
2. Light weight
3. Non-greasy
4. Fills in small lines
5. Makes skin look fresh, taut and dewy.
6. Foundation stays on for long time.
1. Slightly alters/lightens the skin color.
2. Leaves a white cast if over applied.
3. Sticky initially, but then dries off smooth.
I liked it waaaay better than the pore perfecting version by Urban Decay. I would probably buy it again, especially if I get it in a deal like this one.
Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal experience with the primer. It may or may not work for you. It was a part of Urban Decay box of potion kit that I had purchased on my own


  1. Now that's exactly what I 'm looking for in a primer..!
    Great review! ;)


  2. Thanks for the review. You have reviewed many primers. Thats cool!



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