December 12, 2009

Stila Convertible Color -- Gerbera/Lillium

Stila Convertible Color

Stila convertible lip and cheek color is one product that I always wanted to try. I had heard all the possible good things about these. So when I got a chance to do a little make-up swap with my cousin, I grabbed the stila duo in lillium and gerberea.
How excited I was to get it….Two colors in one…Great!!

Stila Convertible Color -- Gerbera/Lillium

So my first impression when I dug my fingers in the product was….’its soo sticky’!!!
Well, it sure is a sticky and thick product.
The colors are gorgeous….Gerbera is a peachy color and Lillium is a mauvey pink. None of these have any shimmers, which is awesome!!
It blends beautifully and sinks into the skin.

Stila Convertible Color -- Gerbera/Lillium swatch

Once blended, it gives a lovely flush of color on the cheek…looks pretty natural and dewy.
Both these colors Lillium and gerbera would work on many skin tones. As, these are very pigmented, small amount is needed. The staying power was decent too. I wore it on Black Friday early morning, around 5 am and it lasted till 3 pm. I was running around malls and stores, shopping like a maniac. Obvioulsy it was not as fresh and dewy as it was in the morning, but it didn’t vanish off completely.

Stila Convertible Color -- Gerbera/Lillium (blended)

I was disappointed with the consistency though. Its very sticky and I find my cheek skin tugged (if that’s how you describe it).
I have used Illamasqua cream blusher, which is very light weight and non sticky. Also my other cream cheek products are very light on skin. That’s one reason, Stila’s consistency came under my scrutiny and became a victim of comparison.
I would love to try the same product once again, bought directly from store. I don’t know if this particular duo that my cousin gave me is too old to affect the consistency….
Oh, I did try it on my lips and hated the ‘feel’ of it…this one is for my cheeks only….


  1. beautiful colours, really looks like a good product. thanks !

  2. Nice colours, but I don't really like sticky products! Specially not for cheeks, since my skin is oily. Maybe on lips, but I'd have to try it out beforehand, based on your review.

  3. hi grls...

    thanks for dropping by elise...i highly appreciate.

    Marce: It is sticky. If you hate sticky stuff, try Illamasqua cream blush...that one is soo light n non-sticky...but its dewy..

  4. Gerbera looks gorgeous. I love it!



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