December 29, 2009

Orly - Sweet collection 2010

ORLY Spring II 2010 Collection
Satisfy Your Sugar Craving

With a playful, yet nostalgic look back at iconic sugary treats, the NEW ORLY
Spring II 2010 Sweet Collection not only reminds us of our childhood favorites
and past times, but stays on trend with a throwback to Jackie O’s pastel pillbox
hats. This collection incorporates spring’s feminine pastels by adding a milky
white opaque tone to baby pinks, blues, yellows, purples and greens

Each Nail Lacquer in the Sweet Collection comes with a FREE matching flavored mini lip gloss key chain.

The six new lacquers include:

Pixy Stix - Pink Crème
Lollipop - Pastel Purple Crème
Lemonade - Pastel Yellow Crème
Gumdrop - Pastel Turquoise Crème
Cotton Candy - Baby Pink Crème
Snowcone - Baby Blue Crème

The Sweet Collection Lacquers will be available beginning April 2010 for $7.50 each.

I 'Saw' this on Lushious Beauty and 'Read' it on A polish Problem. These were my Ultimate sources for!!!
I don't understand the language of the Lushious beauty website.

These pictures were hard to resist, so i just thought i would pass on the news....


  1. OoOooOoo I love these! They remind me of Easter candy!

  2. resham, u r really injurious to wallets ;) luk at d colors...........drooling!

  3. Loving all the colors! I must get at least one. lol

  4. hi grls...

    All the nail polishes look yummy enuf to eat.....:)



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