December 4, 2009



What is to review about this product...I guess the whole world knows about it and I am the last dumbo on this earth to buy it....huh!!
Anyways, I would love to share MY thoughts on this one...
This stuff is pretty cool…
Dries nails to the touch in one minute, completely in five. With just 1 to 2
drops. Soothes cuticles with jojoba.

It does exactly what it says. After applying the top coat, I just used 2 drops on each nail and within seconds (lets say 30 seconds), the nails were dry SUPERFICIALLY. They were dry to touch, but not completely dry. If I used a little pressure, the nails would get my finger prints (impressions).
Its not drying to the skin at all. I think the jojoba in it helps to keep the cuticles moisturized. It feels a bit greasy, but that doesn’t bothers. Infact the oiliness helps to keep the cuticles moist. It has no offensive smell or weird taste.
I would not say it dries the nails in a jiffy…I would say, it reduces the drying time considerably. I can safely type on my laptop just five minutes after using this product. I didn’t notice any change in the lasting power of my nail polish though.
The packaging is cute, with the tiny dropper, but its not travel safe. I would have preferred a more ‘better’ bottle.
What kind?? I leave that to the bottle designers and packaging experts!!
Available in 2 sizes at ULTA and OPI website.


  1. Sounds like an interesting product... but doesn't the pliquid run towards the sides of your nails/to the finger?
    Would definitely keep an eye out though when I make a trip to Sephora! ;)


  2. Resham, am Divija, ur new follower as u can see :) came thru "Clearly beautiful blog"...always a pleasure to find a beauty blogger...lovely blog, btw

    Dont worry, I am here to accompany...reg. this OPI drip dry :) thnq

  3. hi tina:

    It sure does run towards the side of evaporates withing seconds,just like nail polish remover does. But it does not leaves the nail dry and whitish like the remover. The jojoba oil in it moisturizes the cuticle and feel is pleasant...:)



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