December 28, 2009


Hey all you lovelies....
Hope everyone is good....Same here, but I am a bit tired and feeling lazy.....
Anyways, this is probably the quickest Monday that came after last Monday!! The whole week passed by so fast and so full of fun and excitement!!
Parties, Gifts, After Christmas sale….yes, I did go on Saturday, the 26th for all the sales…and the malls were sooo crowded!! It seemed as if the stores were just giving things for free. People had so much to shop!
Both the parties I attended last week were lovely. I met many of my friends and we all had good time. I know people don’t like talking about Christmas hauls and gifts, but I would tell you all one gift that really made me happy. My Pandora charms!! I got 4 of them and I am excited to add more and complete it soon.
Apart from that I won a Macy’s gift card in that BINGO game. This is technically a prize and not ‘gift’…so I am sharing this too…lol!!

The agenda for this week is pretty much same as last week…parties, fun, eating, sleeping…minus all the mutual exchange of gifts…
I have got some nice swatches to post,, so hopefully the blog will be worth visiting this week…

Well, nothing else….I just wished we all had 2 weeks of no work, only play…just like my son is having his winter break…

Wish you all a happy day and a happy week ahead….



  1. Hi, with you there ! Great post, thanks !

  2. Hee hee...a case of the Mondays huh? Totally get it. ;) Congrats on your Pandora charms and Macy's gc!

  3. hey Elise,

    Hope you doing great....with holidays..:)

    dear Shop N' Chomp:
    My MACY's GC is 30 bucks...n I have a list ready for over 3000!!
    I should have tried my luck in a casino, rather than playing!!



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