December 21, 2009


Hi everyone,

Hope you all doing good. My weekend ended beautifully…I saw the new chanel Spring collection yesterday evening…..Its Beautiful!!!
As I write this blog post I realise its so relaxing and chaos at same time. The very thought of Holidays and parties is fun and relaxing. With my son around at home, its Chaos…I have 2 parties lined for this week…and then a lovely dinner with few friends. Looking forward to these two parties…as both of these are more of get together kinds with all games and stuff. I hope to win a few Gift cards in these games…soooo many new make-up collections to buy…lol!!! Fingers crossed!!!
Also we have this secret Santa thing. I hope my friend likes my gift….and I like theirs…LOL!!
Comeon, don’t you all eagerly wait to know what your gifts are…
What else? Oh, I have to bake some cookies and a cake. I am not expert in baking…so lets see, how they turn out….The Chanel eye shadow Quad is so lovely. But I think those colors are dupable. Anyways we will discuss all this later….I wish you all have a great and happy week….

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