December 14, 2009


I kind of had a good weekend. Saturday was all fun and shopping. I picked a few goodies for gifting friends, which honestly I wish somebody had gifted me. The rain and cold kept us in house on Sunday, which is a bummer, especially because I like to go to the malls before holidays. I just adore the beauty, the decorations, the spirit and the rush at malls.

This weeks brings some expected positive and good things…Unexpected good things always welcome…Unexpected bad things…SUCK!!

1. My parents are coming from California, which means the house is going to be one, big party again.
2. I will be re-arranging my living room, replacing some old décor with the festive holiday decors.
3. I have to wrap gifts, which is always fun, because its all so colorful and sooo nice. I will take pictures.
4. I have put up my Christmas tree, but my son feels he needs some more ornaments. So have to arrange for those.
5. YSL dropped their sale news in my inbox. I am so very lemming a YSL lipstick. I don’t understand why do all sales and deals pop up at the same time and especially during this time of the year, when gifting is important.
6. I have been using Laura Mercier metallic cream eyeshadow and I am loving it. Need to write a blog post on that…

I can go on and on. I hope you lovelies have started your Monday with a Bang!!
Have a great weekend ahead….we will be chatting a lot more…

Stay good

1 comment :

  1. Sounds like you 're in a great mood and having a good week! :)
    Enjoy the Christmas decorations love! :)




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