December 3, 2009

Mini ULTA Haul... David Babaii and O.P.I

Coupons are always addictive!!! I mean, I had this $5 off coupon from ULTA lying around and honestly I was itching to buy something....something that I didn't need but wanted to try....
Here I share a little mini haul with you all, simply because it involves a few products that are totally new to me and also it has a product that is AMAZING...

O.P.I Drip Dry

This stuff ROCKS!!! I had heard good thing about it and I always, may be later!!!
But with the coupon, I picked this stuff and now I don't know why the hell it took me soo long to own it...Review to come soon...there are tons of stuff left to talk about from Sephora sale itself...
I soo very hate sales and!!!

David Babaii for Wildaid

I am not new to Sulphate free shampoos or cruelty free products, but I am totally new to this brand, David Babaii.

Our products are free of sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, and animal
products. And of course, free from all animal testing. Even better, we further
support the beauty in nature by donating ten percent of all profits to WildAid,
the global wildlife conservation organization, to help save our endangered

I was using sulphate free shampoos in the past, but over the time I stopped and just drifted away from it. I don't know why. So when I heard this Youtube Guru, Mitchelle1218, rave about it, I thought of giving this brand a try.

Any suggestions for Sulphate free shampoos??

I will update when I have used it enough to review and talk about it.


  1. I jst bought the david babaii shampoo..and its sooooooooo goood !!!

  2. i'll be waiting for the opi post
    looks interesting ive never seen that before!

  3. I 'm the same with coupons, the ultimate shopping enablers! Lol! And then I 'm sad when they expire and I haven't bought anything!
    But you did good, the "OPI drops" product sounds like a winner! :)




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