December 31, 2009

MAC - WARM & COZY, LOVE LACE Thoughts/swatches

Before I say good bye to 2009, I thought I would post a little something about makeup, other than my seasons greetings. I got a chance to see both Love Lace and warm and Cozy Collections by MAC.



I didn’t find anything too impressive from the Love Lace collection, except two eyeshadows. One in Love Lace and other one in Suave Intentions. Love lace was the prettiest. I don’t use blues much, so I didn’t buy any of those. I think it would work perfect over a black base. I liked it, but not enough to pay full for it. Maybe when it hits the CCO. Pincurl eyeshadow was very much like Vex and the other one Hypnotizing was just ok. Not so unique.

Swatches of MAC shadesticks in Nurture, Relaxed and Cuddle

I didn’t even care to look at the Lipsticks. My MAC was just too over crowded and I was in a hurry to check out the Warm and Cozy collection.
This collection was so me…All lovely wearable neutrals. I didn’t get a chance to swatch the whole collection, but I did try to swatch the shade sticks and the lipstick in Warm me up, which I was most interested in.

Swatches of MAC eyeshadows in Pincurl, Suave Intentions, Love Lace

All the shadesticks were pretty. Warm and cozy was missing from my counter. Infact many things were missing. All the MUA were busy working on clients and they were using the products from the new collection. The four shadows had good pay off and were pretty and wearable, but definitely dupable with the colors form the existing line.

The Shadesticks were the one that really stood out. The texture was amazingly soft, unlike the older version of shadesticks. Cuddle was a lovely goldish color and I liked that one a lot. Relaxed and Nurture were pretty too, but I think if you have colors from Benefit creaseless cream shadow, you can pass on these. (I am consoling myself giving!!)

Swatches of Eyeshadows in Hypnotizing, Pincurl, Love Lace, Suave Intentions

The lip glosses were lovely too. Light that fire looked most attractive to me, but it reminded me of more orange version of Pink grapefruit l/g that was LE from the Neo-Sci-Fi collection. 2N and 3N were pretty too, but I had similar colors.

Swatches of MAC lipsticks in Brave and Warm me Up

I had heard Warm Me Up lipstick was similar to Brave lipstick from permanent line. So I swatched them next to each other. Brave is bit more pink and Warm me up has more peach tones to it. Warm me up is amplified cream so it had way better texture than Brave which is a satin. Warm me up was more creamy and soft.

The collection was good and I would have loved to pick a shadestick and a lipstick, but I didn’t buy any. I had already purchased some stuff from Sephora, so I was low on cash.
Overall a lovely, neutral and wearable collection…just like its name…WARM AND COZY!!!

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  1. Thanks for your review! Cuddle and Relaxed look gorgeous on your swatches xx



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