November 8, 2009


Finally I got to see this…..Please bear with the randomness of the post…I was just too excited… It was cold…very cold in New york. NY is just 2 hours from my place, not very far, but it was my first time to visit SEPHORA at NY. I was most excited to see the Illamasqua brand LIVE….


Well, NY downtown has around four Sephoras in the vicinity…and I visited two of them.
The Sephora’s here were huge, with great selection and display of fragrance. Fortunately, every single sales person was helpful, polite and just perfect….Personally, I don’t care if they are not helpful, because majority of the times I know what I am going to buy and apart from that I just do swatching and research…I just hate when the sales person hover and are rude…


Anyways, I checked the Illamasqua collection and YSL section.
The eyeshadows from Illamasqua didn’t impress me at all. I found them pigmented, but chalky…not all of them were chalky, but at least the ones I swatched were. Also non of the colors were UNIQUE. The bronzer duos were lovely, so were the lipsticks.
The liquid metal was something that looked very beautiful and I did pick one in Enrapture. The blushes are THE BEST products from Illamasqua in my opinion. I picked only one blush in Hussy.
Ok so, the whole point of this hurried post..
1. I was too excited….
2. Benefit Creaseless cream shadows are 2 for $10 for limited time only. Colors in the pack are Bunny Hop and Recess. (just in case anyone wants to try these)

A little off topic. It was a “NY tourism day” for me. I had begun my day at 5 in the morning and was riding on that ‘hop on Hop off” bus the whole day…So by the time I went inside Sephora, I was not in my best appearance. My make-up had gone completely. My hair was a mess (thanks to winds and my stupid ear pugs) and I was wearing boring flat, comfortable shoes. Everybody around me were in their best outfit, stilletoes and classy fresh make-up, perfectly apt for an evening out. I was intimidated, felt “odd” and “out of the place’. Do you guys ever feel like this? Do you think it was a wrong idea to go to Sephora looking all funky? How do you manage long days like this, where it’s a bit difficult to re-apply every make-up?
I kept thinking, whats the use of all make-up I have that I was not even able to wear at NEW YORK, a place where I really wanted to look GOOD…
Enough of ramblings....Pardon the crap framing of lines...I am no writings sUck!!!

I will review and share swatches of everything in next posts….meanwhile enjoy the magnificent view from the Empire state building that I tried to capture with my humble digital camera…braving the cold, chilly weather....:)



  1. i love that sephora! they ARE so big, right?! and i agree with you on the shadows--i've yet to pick one up, as they seem to show (or barely show) really strangely on my skin. looking forward to your reviews :)

  2. That view is just breathtaking!!!
    Can't wait for swatches and reviews!


  3. WAAOOW! NYC looks absolutely stunning!
    love your purchases too!
    the only sephora i've been to is the paris one.



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