November 1, 2009

NARS - Makeup primer SPF- 20 (Review)

NARS - Makeup primer SPF- 20

A lightweight, fast-absorbing, sunscreen-infused foundation primer.
Moisturizes and prepares the skin for flawless makeup application as it
protects the skin from environmental damage

Just a sunscreen!!!

At whopping, $33 for 1.7 oz tube, this is something I didn’t expect from my primer. Its just like sunscreen for me!!!
To begin with, I got this as Deluxe sample from Sephora and I am happy that I didn’t had to pay the insane amount for THIS! The one I have has SPF 20, which is good, but end up making my face oily/greay and sticky. It is silicone free, so I didn’t expect it to glide smoothly on my skin, but over all the feeling was not at all good. It has a runny consistency like lotion/sunscreen and has a citrus/orangey scent. It didn’t fill in any lines nor did it reduce the size of pores. It didn’t make much much difference in the lasting power of my make-up. By end of the day, my face was very greasy and patchy.

I don’t think I would ever buy again…not for me...:(

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  1. I have the original NARS primer, the one in the white tube. I can honestly say that one is much better than the one that contains SPF. I do like the primer that glide on my face and silky and the NARS primer isn't like that since it's silicone free, but my makeup does last through the day.



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