November 18, 2009

MAC- Holiday Collection 2008


I run a year late…..late in buying MAC Holiday goodies…WHY??


1. I have high hopes that some one will gift me something from MAC Holiday, as I keep giving them hints…
2. I am pretty positive that it will land in CCO’s some day.
3. Sub-consciously I believe that Holiday collections have dupable colors as they are meant to cater everyone (for gifting) and are not meant for junkies…

4. I have patience to wait.

Ok, so last year…no one gifted me anything from any of those lovely RED packaging…On Saturday, my CCO was filled with goodies from last year’s collection and I ended up with a mini haul….

(Bare Slimshine, Ebony Eye Pencil, 181 SE Brush, Zoomlash Mascara
Belightful Powder)

As this is an old collection, no point in discussing much….except for the fact that the Holiday packagings are cute, give value for money and make great, affordable gifts…not to mention, they become collectors item for make-up lovers.
I got at CCO…so I am proud for saving some bucks…

The Charming Garnet, Glamour Basics had 181 SE brush, that I wanted along with one of my favourites, Bare Slimshine. The tiny make-up bag is cute too

Lipsticks in Romancin, To Swoon For, Lipgloss in Delicate Crush)

The lipsticks remind me of Viva Glam V which is pretty. Also the bag is cute. I didn’t like the lipglass though, because its way to frosty for my liking.

MAC -- Intriguing Scarlet --Warm Eyes Palatte

They had all the palettes, but I wanted the warm one, because of the gorgeous green and olive colors.

Swatches of MAC -- Intriguing Scarlet --Warm Eyes Palatte

I just wanted to share the haul…so that someone can comment, “Its ok girl…you didn’t waste money, you picked good stuff…“
My guilt of spending unnecessarily will be reduced….


  1. Oh my, you really did pick up good stuff! I wanted to get that lip set AND that eyeshadow palette last year, but I just couldn't afford it! I wish we had a lot of CCOs here in the UK. :( Lucky you!! xx Livia

  2. woow love the palette and the lippies =) gawjus!

  3. Lucky duck AND a smarty pants! LOL We usually don't get these anyway, but when we do, if you want one, you get it straight away or risk missing out. No CCO's here - I wish there were! Great haul and swatches!

  4. it's ok, you're not near my level of crazy yet. xox

  5. Love the warm eyes palette! I'm going to have to get it!

  6. I am that too picking up stuff from previous collections!
    You 'll love that palette, so beautiful and versatile!


  7. What a fabulous blog doll!!

    And yes “Its ok girl, you didn’t waste money, you picked good stuff" lol!! I would say that too if you bought a fab pair of shoes or handbag - seriously, I would!!


  8. hi, su-pah: I could seriously not afford to to get any more crazy than poor bank account!!

    hi, Tina_mbc: That green color is just soo perfect....worth every penny!!



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