November 2, 2009

KORRES -- Silicone-Free Face Primer (Review)

KORRES -- Silicone-Free Face Primer

A silicone-free, 99 percent natural, antioxidant-rich face primer that
creates the perfect canvas for makeup application. Rich in skin-soothing
botanicals and Vitamin E, this 99 percent natural formula refines skin texture
without silicone, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and
reduces pore size. Your skin will be primed and ready for a makeup

What it is formulated WITHOUT:-
Synthetic Fragrances
Synthetic Dyes
Mineral Oils

What else you need to know:
This product is Ecocert Certified and dermatologically tested, and also formulated without Triclosan, PPG, MEA, DEA, TEA, and Formaldehyde Donors.

KORRES -- Silicone-Free Face Primer

Silicone based product don't harm me in any way. They don't break me out or irritate my skin, but at times they make me look greasy. I was curious to try a Silicone free face primer, just to see if it helps me to reduce the greasy look that I get with my Silicone based primers at end of the day.
Korres was one of those silicone free primers I had heard good things about and the best part was it came in a sample size tiny tube weighing .34 oz for $10 (20% in this years FF sale), a great, affordable way to test expensive products.

So this primer has the consistency of a lotion and light citrus scent which I like. It claims to be 99% natural, loaded with anti-oxidants, vitamin E and all the good 'nutritious' stuff for the skin.
This one glides on easily on my skin, just like any light weight lotion and helps my foundation stay put till the end. I didn't notice any pore shrinkage or line filling effect, but over all the feeling was good, as it did sink into the skin. It didn't make me look greasy initially, but by end of the day, I did notice some 'shiny patches'
Overall a good product and i guess the tube will last me for more than a month because very less product is needed.

As it comes in a sample sized harm in trying once...:)


  1. I was just yesterday reading about primers and I had totally overlooked that!
    I wonder, will I ever find one that's just perfect? :)


  2. tina_mbc: nothing seems to work just perrrfect!!! This is a nice primer..but i need somethng more...right now m trying the urban decay one...will review soon...lets see...

  3. hmm, I ordered this and am waiting for my package. I like the UD primers but I am not wow-ed. Let me know what you think when you try them!

  4. hey where did you get that little size?

  5. @timcam26: I got this at Sephora. The bins near the checkout has many travel size products. It was for $10 I believe.



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