November 9, 2009

Illamasqua - Liquid metal in ENRAPTURE (Review, swatch)

Illamasqua - Liquid metal in ENRAPTURE

This is one product that attracted me the most when I earlier started hearing about this brand. The product name ‘LIQUID METAL’ just sounded so very fascinating!!!
Liquid metal in GOLD…WOW!! Dream product for anyone who loves anything gold…I am one of those sucker for golds…
Anywho, the sephora I had been to didn’t had the color gold…seems pretty HIT product…so I swatched the other color in Enrapture and bought it home.

Illamasqua - Liquid metal in ENRAPTURE

A highlighting, liquid-metal cream that creates a luminous glow on the
Feel the heat with this gloriously rich and highly pigmented metallic
cream. Use to adorn the body, and apply with fingers or a brush. Release your
inhibitions and free your inner siren.

Container Comparison liquid metal on left and Blush on right

Now my 2 cents about this product.
Firstly the packaging: It is sooo Tiny!!! In comparison with Illamasqua blush the container is soo small and soo flat. it’s a plastic container and just snaps shut. As it’s a cream product, I don’t know if the locking system would prevent the product from drying. When paint pots and shadesticks by MAC tend to dry inspite of their strong container and lid, I am sure how Illamasqua packing is goin to help. At a steep rate of $24 a piece for just 0.05 oz product, this sure is PRICEY!!!

When I swatched it in store, the product felt very creamy and soft. I guess as many people dig their fingers in the product, it had already turmed mushy n soft. In the container though it is a bit stiff initially, but later warming up with the fingers, it sure did become soft. I could apply it easily on lids, but I think I have to be little quick with this as it would be difficult to blend if it sits on the lid for long time.
The color is gorgeous, rich shimmery copper and very metallic as the name. I tried it next to my mango mix shadestick by MAC and its different. Used as a base, I think it would make slight difference, not much. It all depends on how you want to use it. The color is very very Gorgeous though…..Everything is good, I just was hoping it to be more soft…may be the word LIQUID was bit deceiving…

Illamasqua liquid metal swatch and comparison

Would I Buy again?
Probably not….

Because its expensive, and I think it would dry in longer run… also Laura Mercier metallic cream shadows would do the same job for me…(as I used these as bases with complementing eyeshadow colors)

But Laura Mercier is equally expensive…or may be more…
Yes, I know..its more expensive, but way more easy to apply, blend and tiny tiny amount is needed. Also packaging wise I don’t think it would dry……

That doesn’t makes any sense!!!
It does…for me…As I say…shimmer, shine, glitter, pigmentation and skin care are all Subjective!!!!

p.s: If my thoughts regarding this product changes in longer run..I will surely update….Honestly, I WANT TO LOVE THIS PRODUUUUUCT!!!!


  1. Good review!
    The only thing I 'd add is that they 'd probably wouldn't make excellent bases as I don't think any other type of shadow would be able to stay put on top of then, they crease too much!!


  2. hi tina_mbc: You are right, this won't work as base on many people. I used it over UDPP, and luckily it didn't crease on me...but its winter...i think it will crease in warm months..:)
    btw, have you tried using MAC pigments WET as base??

  3. Well, to be perfectly honest, I only tried the gold one(Solstice)over UDPP and it did crease, maybe Enrapture behaves better..?
    Nope, have never tried a MAC pigment foiled as a base yet, but actually very intrigued now...!:)


  4. hey tina...i think Enrapture will be having same formula as Solstice..May be, i had applied a very thin wash of color it didn't crease..but I was expecting more from this product...the color is pretty, so i won't return...but you are right, if applied heavily, it might crease...Benefit cream shadows don;t crease...they are best...



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