November 8, 2009

BENEFIT Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner

BENEFIT Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner

Anyone who had ever spent 5 minutes on my blog would probably be knowing how much I love the benefit creaseless cream shadows. The two shades that I was talking about in my last post are Recess and Honey Bunny.
These two shades are mentioned in the Benefit website, but I had never seen any of these in Sephora stores or on Sephora website. Currently though, these two shades are available for limited time at Sephora store just for $10...Yessss!! $10 for 2!!! Its such an awesome deal…especially when a single pot retails for $19 each.

Benefit Honey Bunny and Recess

Ok, the color Recess is described as “peachy beige pearl” by the Benefit website. To me it appears very true to description. I didn’t notice any shimmery stuff, so I am pretty sure its not going to give that frosty effect on the lids.
The other shade Honey Bunny is described as "nude terracotta". it’s a medium neutral color and its not at all shimmery. it’s a peachy color, with some warm pink, slightly similar to painterly paint pot, but not as cool as painterly…(did the description made sense??)

Benefit Honey Bunny and Recess (without flash)

Both these shades look decently matte, but not flat matte. What I mean is they would have some sheen for sure. I didn’t swatch any of these because I would be using these as bases for my eye shadows. As I already have a few neutral bases like Beiging shade stick, Shimmersand shadestick, Soft ochre paint pot etc, I didn’t wanted to mess with any of these.

I think it’s a great great way to try the brand, the texture, the color and the lasting power for just $10. Also these make a great stocking stuffer for a make-up junkie….:)

p.s: If I lose my patience, I would open these and swatch them….sooon!!!


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