November 3, 2009


Bad things are happening with my make-up and me!! Seriously, someone seems to have cursed my make-up collection, my imitation jewelry and everything that I do.

1. I broke my Ultra-elegant slimshine.

2. I broke my 4N lipstick.

3. My Sweet Sienna pigment spilled.

4. My one earing went down the drain.

5. 2 keys of my laptop broke.

6. My Whole bottle of MAC Brush Cleanser fell down as I was trying to transfer it into another container so that I could get one MAC B2M container...

7. I left my new winter jacket at a mall, somewhere...i don't remember...

SUCKS!! All this happened within 3 days!! and now this stupid border around my signature below post..I so very wanted a signature below every blog post...but for strange reasons, I am not able to get rid of that border around it...if i change it in HTML codes, the borders around images are lost, which i want....and this post it totally random..because I am mad and pissed off!!post signature


  1. I'm so sorry that things didn't go so well with you. I had one of those days too a few years back, I even wrote down all the bad things happened that day, so I have proof about it. Hope it'll get better for you. Hugs!

  2. good days must be just around the corner for you....

  3. i agree with elise, but darn all of that really does suck!!!

  4. Oh, that REALLY sucks!!!
    I know I 'd pe pissed off even if one of those things had hapenned to me, much less ALL of those!!!
    Hope that nth else happens from now on, only good things! ;)


  5. Thank you all lovely people:
    Halifax, Elise, Yummy411, tina_mbc:

    I was soo irritated... i just needed comforting words....No one in family cud understand whats the whole fuss with pigment spilling....:(



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