MAC Cosmetics DSquared Collection- FELINE

I had been to MAC and saw the new collections that were released in bulk during last few weeks.
From MAC logo, to MAC packaging and MAC collections, everything was BLACK!!! Personally I was not interested in any of the new collections or products, so I was not following much of the new stuff online…


Every season the fashion crowd is up and on the run, crazy for the fierce
and sexy fun we've come to expect from designer twins Dan and Dean Caten. With
their haute hi-jinx and body-beautiful clothes, a collaboration with M·A·C
simply could NOT be avoided!

Only thing I was interested or rather Curious to try was FELINE Kohl eye liner. I always thought Stila kajal and MAC Smolder were blackest kohls available. What could be more black than these??
I knew FELINE smudged….and it did smudge like crazy!!!…but I was still curious to see how BLACK this liner was!!

Comparison swatches of FELINE along with other eyeliners

1. Ulta Automatic eyeliner in Black
2. MAC Feline eye Kohl
3. MAC Smolder eye Kohl
4. Bourjois Contour Clubbing in 41 Black Party
5. Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes in 0L
6. Stila Kajal Eye Liner in ONYX
7. MAC Eye pencil in EBONY
8. Urban Decay 24/7 in ZERO
9. MAC Powerpoint pencil in ENGRAVED
10. Revlon Colorstay in Black/Noir
11. Maybelline eyeliner in Black

Yes, Feline is darkest/deepest black. Smolder and Stila are pretty close.

Feline swatches

One trick I usually do is to set the eyeliner with a black eyeshadow. Also, I
apply a Smudge proof liner like Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero on top of a liner that
smudges. It helps the staying power to increase a bit, but still Kohl pencils smudge…
Please share the best black pencil liners that you have you can see I am little crazy when it comes to collecting Black liners...I love to try various brands of black liners...:)


  1. i'm OBSESSED with this post. the photo of the black liners--i'm constantly on the hunt for the blackest of the black, and this is total eye candy for me!

    i have a black liner that i've been testing against all others--i'm going to put up a post soon, bc i'm completely shocked that it existed and it's gotten little love in the makeup community!

  2. My, my, you are the black liner queen! :)
    I have Smolder already, would you say I need Feline?


  3. hey grls...good to hear frm you all...wthout comments it seems i m mad talking to!!!

    Fantastic: pls do share your black liners are alwes welcome...:)

    Tina: i think feline is a tad darker than smolder. But these two smudge like crazy!! i don't think its worth spending $15 for a liner that smudges...

  4. wowww thanks so much for replying about which is the blackest liner..hmmm i like smudgy kohls for the nice smoked out bed eyes look :) im gona get myself smoulder or feline whenever i find em...thanks again for replying!