October 6, 2009


Think Angelina Jolie….think Megan Fox…think their lips….think my lips….
Not that I am born with thin undefined lips of something…nor I need any lip plumpers nor I believe in anyone of those….but, but….curious mind will always be curious…:)

I wanted to feel the Lip plumping effect that I had heard, read a lot on net and I thought why not try it once…but I just freaked out when I saw the Fusion Beauty Lip fusion Lip Plumpers at a whopping price of $36!! There was one Lip Fusion XL for $50 too….Insane in my book…


I was like fine…Lip plumping experiment some other time, when I get my hands on some cheap product.
So when I came across this Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology Advanced No-Injection Lip Plumper at my local Bath and Bodyworks on sale for just $2...I grabbed it instantly…
What a perfect price to try a product…something that originally retails for $17.50!!!

So I went through the whole “LIP PLUMPING” experiment….

Serious lip service, now even better than ever. Without a single injection,
lips gain visible fullness. Advanced formula contains moisture-activated
hyaluronic plumping spheres to enhance lip definition and contour, giving a
plump appearance.
1. Plumps with dermatological-strength ingredients, without irritation
2. Visibly enhances lip definition and contour
3. Suitable for all skin types


This is a clear gloss, with micro shimmers and a brush applicator. The consistency of the gloss is pretty thick and sticky. On application, it didn’t sting or burn my lips, but it sure did something and after like 2 minutes my lips went numb.
I could feel a slight stretch and pull on my lips. The feeling was not a very pleasant one but it didn’t hurt for sure. The whole numbness lasted for about 15 minutes and then nothing. All the feeling had subsided. There was discomfort in smiling as well.
The fine lines on lips did appear a bit less, but maybe I am making it up, because it’s a lip plumper. The shimmers are weird, Green and red??????

After 30 minutes or so, the whole lips went back to normal…no numbness, no stretch, no difficulty in smiling…lips didn’t appear any plump or anything…
I did re-apply it again and the whole ‘plumping’ saga repeated again.

Now, I don’t know if this is the case with one particular lip plumper or all of
them behave the same way? Is Lip fusion any different? Do plumpers really
Whatever the case may be, I am satisfied that I did try it all by myself just at a price of $2


  1. Hi thanks for following me :) you blog is sooo cute very girlie I love it xox

  2. hey girl
    thanks for the review
    Ive never been big on lip plumpers because I don't like the feeling of it.

    and im a new follower and love your blog. hopefully you can check out mine too.

  3. now u know why it was on sale for 2 dollars
    i have tried lip fusion and it WORKS !yes !it gives tingling sensation and the plump last for 6 hours and slightly dissapear
    i hate my tiny lips !godd i want collagen injection !lol
    i dont like glossy lips so i apply my plumper before i go out and remove it as soon as i get outta the car

  4. lol!!! Vanilla, i totally agree.....its pricey for $2 also....lol!!!

  5. i have this product and love
    rate 10/8 i think



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