October 13, 2009

Laura Mercier Metallic Eye Colour

Laura Mercier Metallic Eye Colour

Metallic Creme Eye Colour: Lush metallic color floats across the eye leaving a
gorgeous, shimmering sheen. High metallic pearl. Waterproof, lightweight, and

Swatches of Laura Mercier Metallic Eye Colour in Alloy, Platinum, Gold
Rose Gold, Burnished Copper

I have been using cream shadows a lot lately. Especially because I find them easy to use and they don't crease on me. Also I need not carry tons of brushes...
I had been eyeing Laura Mercier Metallic Eye Colour for quite some time and on my recent visit to Sephora, I swatched all the colors available as testers. I found these highly shimmery colours very pretty and the colours very wearable.

Laura Mercier Metallic Eye Colour

I took these pictures at the mall. The lighting was not as I wanted and the swatches don't do any justice to these colors. I am planing to buy a shade or two during this Sephora sale that starts online from October 19th. I also did research on some products that I have been wanting and was waiting for this sale. Lets see what I pick. I am not sure.

Do share your shopping list from this sale. I want to know what good stuff everyone of you are planing to buy. Maybe it would give me an idea to add some stuff in my shopping list.

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