October 28, 2009

BENEFIT - MOONBEAM (Review n Swatch)


What it is:An iridescent complexion enhancer

What it does:Enchant under any light with Benefit Moon Beam—a highlighter with a romantically golden sheen. It's like a 40-watt light bulb for your face!


This is a lovely product, just not the one I wanted. My plan was to own a liquid product that I can use both as highlighter and to get that dewy look by mixing it with moisturizer or foundation. Something similar to Strobe Liquid.


Moonbeam is a beige/tan liquid in the bottle that blends to an apricot/pink color when sheered and blended. The texture is smooth, light and can be easily blended. It does gives a nice sheen, but due to its apricot shimmers it would look weird when mixed with a foundation and applied over the whole face. The liquid in the bottle appears to have some gold shimmers as well but the golden sheen hardly appears on the cheeks. More of pink color is visible, just like the petticoat MSF. Well, not as dark as petticoat but pretty much pink.


The packaging is just like nail polish. The product is to be applied with the applicator by dotting it and them blending out with the fingers or a brush. I preferred fingers.
If left on for long time, it can become difficult to blend and the product will just ‘sit’ and not fully absorbed.
I think I should have opted for Highbeam which is more frosty and is pink based. Maybe that could have worked, but I am not sure.


I really don’t know how I feel about this product as of now, may be in near future when I figure out some more ways to work with it…I might have an opinion.

Should i return it? Please share your experiances with this product.


  1. This looks really pretty. But it really is weird how the golden sheen disappears once you blend it out. I don't have this product but it seems too pinkish for me.

  2. I have olive skin and this product looks extremely pink on my face, which I hate. I agree on the fact that any apricot or golden sheen just vanish as soon as I blend it, leaving a Barbie pink hue that looks awful. I'm thinking of using it as a blush so I don't have to throw it out, I think it might work. However, it might still feel way too pink for a blush, as I usually use brown, bronzed, orangy or apricot toned hues on my cheeks.



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