So finally I got my Photorealism quad!!!
A friend of mine was to pick this for me because, I had picked some stuff from my CCO for her. But due to personal reasons she couldn’t send the quad earlier to me.
Even though the whole MAC Fall craze has died down, I am pretty excited to get my quad and here are my two cents…

MAC Photo Realism quad Swatches

So firstly, this quad is beautiful….its not green as I had expected…but it has its own beauty…
4 shadows with some great finishes like Veluxe pearl and Frost, it’s a great addition to any collection.…not to mention a decent price tag…pretty cool..J
I liked the gold color (highlighter one) and the darkest color, which resembles blue green pigment.
The other two colors are nice too, but personally I am not fan of such colors. That’s one major reason I don’t have colors like Aquavert or any sea green at all.

Swatches of Photo Realism, Fresh Approach, Grey Range, Image Maker

With CULT OF CHERRY COLLECTION in 2008, MAC has set very high standard for FALL quads. That was probably one reason I had high expectations and hopes with Fall Quads this year aswell.

I had high hopes with this quad and it was on my wish list from day one. But when I started to see swatches I realized this was not what I had expected.
The colors did have a great color pay off. Over a Black base, blue base, green base and white will altogether transform itself into various shades of greens, blues, greys.
There are tons of swatches over various bases for this quad…so I didn’t feel like doing all the work for my blog…J
Once I use it for a couple of times, I will get an idea what exactly comparable colors I have.
I would love to buy Notoriety quad aswell, but as I liked only 2 colors from that quad, I would wait for it to hit my CCO.

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  1. That looks like a really nice quad. Thanks for the pictures and swatches- they were really helpful!