September 29, 2009


I had been to CCO…(so whats new??) and I am soo proud of myself..I controlled the urge to buy tons of stuff just for the sake of buying.
I only picked few products….everything from the old crème team collection that was released in February this year. Not a very old collection…
The CCO had products from Rose Romance aswell. So many things from new collections (almost new) were available there.

My CCO had everything from Lavender Whip to Just a Pinch gel blush. Also, the
old and gold items like Other wordly blush and Afterdusk blush that i had missed
on. That’s probably one reason I don’t feel like buying products from new
collection when they release and I am fine with buying a product bit later, if i
can get it at discounted price..:)


Ok, so firstly I picked Lavender whip lipstick. It’s a lovely shade, that I had passed in the past, because I didn’t knew how to make a purple lipstick work on my skin tone.
Later when I tried other Lavender shade products, they worked and then the hunt for Lavender whip began…
It’s a cream sheen formula, so very moisturizing on lips. It is one of those formulas that have decent pigmentation and is not drying. Glad its a permanent finish of lipstick.

Swatch of MAC Lavender Whip Lipstick

Other things I picked were the Cremesheen Glass

MAC Cremesheen glass

I picked them simply because they looked soo pretty in tube. I knew that they are one of the sheerest formulas for lips, in varying degree of pigmentation. Its not that I have aversion to nude lips or sheer lipglosses. Its just that owning too many of sheer stuff hardly makes any difference on my lips after application. They all appear same.

Cremesheen glass in Melt in your mouth, Petite Indulgence, Creme anglaise

The colors I picked are Melt in your mouth, Petite Indulgence, Creme anglaise.
Later I checked Temptalia and as per her observation, I had picked the most pigmented ones of the lot.

Swatches of MAC Cremesheen Glass

The creamsheen glasses are soft and smooth. Less sticky than Dazzleglass. They practically have no shimmers. They are pretty similar on application like the dazzle creams, but a tad less pigmented.

Cremesheen Glass in Lovely Colors

I see myself layering it over a lipstick, rather than wearing these alone.

Melt in your mouth, Petite Indulgence, Creme anglaise, Soft and Slow,
Full on Lust, Sock Hop, Eclectic Edge (Miss Marble is Missing)

Good for me, At a fraction of price, I did get the cremesheen glasses, though a little late in the year.


  1. Your CCO has some good stuff. I love Lavender Whip. Fab haulage.

  2. Good haul and nothing wrong with getting it for less! I wish we had a CCO here!

  3. That's lucky that you found Lavender Whip! Its been selling online for $30+!

  4. those cremesheens are are the master of the CCO!! i know that i can always see what they've just received, by clicking on your page :)

  5. I want Lavender Whip even though I know it will look terrible on me! Nice Haul!

  6. Great finds!
    This post makes me wish I had bought Lavender Whip (I passed, thinking it would look too weird of a purple on me)!!!
    Fabulous gloss colours too!


  7. omg..please tell me where you it in CA? i've wanted lavender whip for soooooooooo long! plus, i am totally digging your prior entry and am now on a hunt for the two purple lipglosses that you swatched. do you do swaps?



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