Gingerly is a MAC blush, a sheer tone blush. It is a MAC permanent blush, but I was soo busy drooling over the “newer” things and stuff, that I didn’t even ever bothered to ever swatch it at store. Past few months back i ordered one in MAC sale and as it was discounted, I thought no harm in trying. I am NC 37/40 , with Yellow undertones and definitely fall in to the category of WOC (women of colour). This blush had great reviews in various forums and is a highly recommended amongst WOC.

Fun and Games, Gingerly, Spaced Out Blushes By MAC

I did try….and boy!! It sure is gorgeous. It just gives my face a lovely warm color. it’s a sheer tone blush and is matte, with hardly any shimmers. Pretty buildable and blendable. As the name suggests its like Ginger…I mean the color. Very brown/peach…It is NOT a dirty, muddy brown, but it is a peach with brown mixed…
Whoosh!! Its hell of a task to describe color… Gingerly is matte and you just don’t have to be too careful while applying. You just can’t over do it. Its just a humble go-to neutral color.

Swatches of MAC Blush in Gingerly, Spaced Out and Fun n Games

It does look pretty similar to Spaced out and Fun and Games here in my pics, but in real life
its not the same. They do belong to the same family of Peach for sure. Gingerly has more Brownish, warm hue to it and is more pigmented, with practically no Shimmers.

Swatches of MAC Blushes

Swatch in different Lighting.

If you love peach color blushes, Gingerly sure is worth giving a try!!!


  1. I don't really need another blush I feel I must have this! Great post!

    I've just caught up on all your posts and I must say you're posts are always so interesting! Such a great read. Keep it up!


  2. Ohhhh I like that Fun & Games color.

  3. I keep hearing about this blush but everytime I see it online I think it's too dark for me, but I'm a MAC NC40 also, so I'm going to have to check this out next time I'm at the counter. (:

  4. Great post! I haven't tried Gingerly but I do have Spaced Out, it's so pretty!