I know, its BORING to see hauls, that talk about old products...but i can't help...My CCO pulls me into buying these...Its my Promise that this will be my last CCO haul for sometime...
Even If i pick any stuff, i will collect it and share it later....:)

Eclectic Edge Lipglass and Foolishly Fab Plushglass by MAC

So the first thing i picked was this Plushglass in Foolishly Fab. I don't know when or with what collection this was released. I have never tried any Plushglass and this is my first ever Plushglass purchase. It has a different smell than Lipglass. It leaves a mild tingling sensation when applied at first, then after 3 to 4 minutes it subsides. It doesn't makes my lips plump or anything. In tube it looks this bright purple, but on lips it goes on sheer with slight purple'ish' hue.

Plushglass swatch

Comparison swatch with MAC Eclectic Edge

MAC Pearl glide eyeliner in Bankroll
Just a pearlglide liner that was released last year. Its well, just a deep forest green color, with mild pearls???? It is pretty soft and glides on easily.

Bankroll Pearlglide liner
Rose Blanc and Solar white eyeshadow

Picked one more Solar White eyeshadow (because i am crazy and i have 3 now) and Rose Blanc eyeshadow because Xinarox suggested this one to me.

MAC Dreammaker, Rose Blanc, Ricepaper, Creme de meil eyeshadows

Rose Blanc is a frost, creamy and it sure is pretty. But it is dupeable with other shadows.
Swatch of MAC eyeshadow in Creme de meil, Dreammaker, Rose Blanc
Rice paper
MAC Blonde MSF
The Blonde MSF, because i didn't buy that during BBR release and later people said its the softest MSF, which is very true. Its super soft.
Redhead MSF and Blonde MSF
In comparison with Redhead MSF, it is more pink and cooler. Redhead is more warm and less pick and more coral

Swatch of MSF in Redhead and Blonde

Brunette MSF

This was also released during the BBR collection and is the darkest of the three.
It is dark enough for me to use as a bronzer. I tried swatching it on my hand but for some strange reason it was just blending into my skin. So i used swatch by Pursebuzz.

Brunette Swatch (from PurseBuzz)

This is pretty, but i didn't like how it looked on my skin.
So these were a few thing i picked from my CCO.
Also, I would like to know your experiances with PLUSHGLASS.


  1. I would be completely broke if a CCO was nearby! lol

    Awesome haul! The lippies look great.
    Are they sheer on the lips though?

  2. I picked up the Blonde MSF at the CCO too..I had heard such good things about it, so I didn't want to miss out :)

  3. Please don't stop posting about your hauls...your readers really enjoy them :) Have a great weekend@

  4. Thanks for commenting gals!!

    Rai: They are very sheer....if u ask me...don't buy!!

    Fantastic: CCO's are addictive!!

    A_Alvarez: Thanks for stopping by...i alwes thot people would not enjoy reading about old goodies...:)