CCO buys

In continuation with products i picked from my local CCO over past few visits.

Mineralize blushes are one product that i kept avoiding to buy specially becasue of the shimmer level. But one use of Nuance from the same line and i knew i am going to love these. Sonic chic collection probably had the best Mineralize blushes.. Everything released later was Glitter Country...

Few Shades of Sonic chic collection became permanent, but a few remained Limited edition (LE). Pleasantry is one such shade, that i wanted and when i saw it at my CCO..i couldn't pass.
Its a beautiful. low shimmer, pink colour. It gives this lovely pink colour on cheeks, but not pink to make you look like clown.

As it is an old blush, i am sure all my make-up junkies must be having this...:)


Petticoat MSF and Perfect Topping MSF

Inspite of knowing the fact that most of the MSFs don't work for me, i still picked these ones, hoping that someday, some colour, some formula would work for me. I picked these two lovely shades.
Swatching MSFs are hell of a task. I don't tend to capture the true colours, but i try.

Perfect topping is pretty soft and a bit powdery, just like Refined MSF, which i had not liked. This would work more as a face Highlighter, because i didn't find it pink enough to use as a blush or shimmery enough to use as a highlighter. This is bound to leave a white cast on my cheeks if i am not careful.

Petticoat MSF sure is more pretty. This gives a beautiful rosy/pink cheeks. I find it gives this metallic sorta finish.
The colours of MSFs differ in each container, depending on the veinings of the colours. Mine didn't have loads of shimmery coppery red veinings, so i got a less metallic finish, which i guess works for me.


Petticoat MSF, Perfect Topping MSF, Pleasantry blush

Different lighting

Way to Love and Utter Pervette Lipsticks

I picked these because they looked pretty in tube and were lustres. I like lustre formula. will swatch these later.


Hot Frost, Magnetique and Fierce and Fabulous.

The Dame Edna Lipglass, Hot Frost looked pretty in tube. Its shimmery, frosty lipglass. Those are not my favourite types, but its ok to have a few. Also at CCO its pretty over- whelming and confusing. I tend to buy some stuff just because they look pretty and are LE.

Some more junk, in next post...:)

Hope you enjoy the swatches....


  1. Ohhh, nice haul. I always wanted to pick up Petticoat. But I have an NYC chroma face glow thing that's similar and that me & my sister love. (:

    It sucks cause we don't have MAC here, especially since MAC is a Canadian brand! (or started in Canada)

  2. Everything looks nice!
    I wished we had a CCO here, but we don't. =[
    lol. I think I would go crazy inside.

  3. ooh i need to get my hands on Pleasantry!!