August 20, 2009


I got lucky to find some cool stuff at my local CCO. Now, the thing is one of my very good friend lives very close to CCO, like 5 minutes walking distance....Trust me guys, its not good.
Past month we almost went to CCO every weekend and ended up buying a lot of goodies, not because any of that was needed but just because they were great finds at discounted rates.....and well, they were MAC...:)

Pink grapefruit Lipglass and Solar Riche Bronzer

So i picked a bronzer in Solar Riche, the one that was released in Neo-Sci Fi collection. Its a brown (obviously) with very very light shimmer. Its not OTT the Laguna bronzer by NARS, which i don't own, but have definately swatched like 10 store..:)
I haven't used it yet, because i am not sure if i would like to use this or stick to my old Bronzer...

M.A.C Solar Riche

MAC Lipglasses

Next things were 2 lipglosses. One is Moonbathe from Moonbathe collection and other is Pink grapefruit, from Neo-Sci-Fi again. The Moonbathe lipgloss is a pretty peachy colour and looks great in tube, but it is very very sheer. Not a must have kinds...The colour effect could be easily duped by any sheer lipgloss.
Pink grapefruit is one that i have been wanting since long, because i bought the Electro Lipstick sometime back from the same collection. Its an Orange lustre and it looks awesome with Pink grapefruit on top....Gorgeous!!! I had seen this combination on You tube and had liked it....

MAC Afterdusk, Otherwordly Blush and Moonbathe Lipglass

The best thing that i found at CCO was After dusk blush from Moonbathe collection. Its sooo gorgeous!!! Its a lovely Pinky-plumy colour with gold shimmers...Awesome!!!

MAC Afterdusk, Plum du bois and Blossoming blush swatches

I did these comparison swatches at store. I don't own the other two colours.

MAC Otherwordly blush and Trace gold blush

Then I picked a back up of Other wordly blush which is a beautiful golden highlight, very metallic. Its similar to Trace gold blush which happens to be permanent, but this one is ubber metallic. I would love to use it as an eyeshadow....Infact, it is very similar to Cosmic eyeshadow from the same collection. Trace gold is more wearable. With Other wordly you have to be carefully while applying and blend well.

MAC Otherwordly, Trace gold Swatches

Swatches in different Angle

Miss Dynamite Dazzleglass

There was this Dazzleglass i picked. I had never tried a DG...because I hate very sticky products on lips and had heard that DGs are more sticky than the regular MAC lipglasses. Lipglasses are the maximum stickiness i can handle...
Miss Dynamite DG is this sparkley golden brown colour. I am NOT liking this one.
After applying it once, i found it travelled all around my lip area....later to know that i am not supposed to smack my lip when DG is!!!

Moonbathe, Miss Dynamite and Pink Grapefruit swatches

Now, that i know how to use it 'correctly' i might start liking it. It is sticky too...
There are couple of other things too...that i will post later. Now, i am getting bored swatching...and this post is getting too long......


  1. Great stuff! I went to the CCO in Vegas and I loved it! :-)

  2. Such beautiful products:))I am so jealous!!I would do the same if a CCO was 5 minutes away from my house..But then we dont have not even one in whole Greece :))
    Its good on the other hand because u can find greta deals,i loved everything you purchased and especially the Afterdusk blush,i'll try to find it on Ebay :)) I recently bought 2 dazzleglosses and in the beggining i hated them but now i like them a lot,lol!!!

  3. Moonbathe blushes are soo beautiful!!



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