LOVELY COLOUR (I re-discovered this boxed beauty!!!)

Last 2 weeks have been painfully horrible for my cheeks. Something broke me out!!! It was a Blush for sure....which one, i am not able to figure out.
Now, i have acne free skin, but occasionally when some product doesn't works, i get these small bumps, like prickly heat dots...They are not acne, filled with some ugly yellow stuff..they are BUMPS (i don't have the correct word to describe these...)
So its all started when 2 weeks back, i did this back to back make-up for 2 days for times (morning-evening) for different occasions...i used couple of cheek products...

First session i used Just a pinch gel Blush, followed by NARS Deep throat and a highlighter (shimmer side of my MSF duo)Second session it was Clinique cream blush with Nuance on top.Third session my cheeks were painted with Laura Geller Golden ApricotFourth session the cheeks were tortured to Cargo Rome and a highlighter again.

By next morning, the lovely, glowly, smooth cheek area had turned into a bumpy road....OMG, it took almost 2 weeks to get rid of every i write this, i can still feel one tiny bump...
Now, i guess it was Laura Geller stuff, because others i have used more than one or two times....but i remember in the past Deep throat or NARS blush had did this to me aswell....i am not 100% sure, who the culprit is...


But whatever it is....i stopped using cheek product/blush for a week and then slowly started with CORALISTA by benefit. For some strange reason, i felt CORALISTA was not a blush and just a 'rose tinted powder'. May be it didn't show any shimmers on it and is not mineralize stuff, made me believe its safe...



Such a pretty colour. It was light on skin in terms of texture, no OTT shimmers, non-offensive mild scent and gave the perfect Pinky Coral colour to those bumpy cheeks. It does comes with askinny brush. I don't use it for applying the blush itself, but i feel it will work good if used as highlighter for precise application.


I am soo happy i have this product and though the packaging is a bit bulky and non-durable, i would love to try all the boxed powders now...

What are your experiances with boxed powders?? Please share them in comments....
As of now, CORALISTA is simply LOVE!!!


  1. I LOVE this blush as well. It was my go-to all summer.

  2. Coralista is love like u said!!Try and figure out which product breaks u out & get rid of it :))Isnt it nasty to have such problems or what??

  3. I have been wanting to try this for a long time. It looks so pretty! :-)

  4. I love this blush also...Benefit has some good products out.

  5. oohh that does look pretty!

  6. Michelle, Rai, Lipglossgossip, sush:
    It sure is a go to thing....its pigmented, yet not fussy enuf to do all the blending!!!

    Krystallia: I need to knw what broke me out..but i dont have the patience to try again..what if it doesn't cures, this tym?? Scary!!!

  7. That sucks to hear about a blush doing that to your skin, hopefully you'll find out what it is.

    I always wanted to try coralista, but when I swatched it instore it looks like it won't be pigmented enough for my skin.