July 14, 2009


HAUL (totally not needed)

I had been to Ulta to buy my Nail Treatment stuff. Well, no visit is complete, without picking a stuff or two from Make-up.
Picked some ULTA automatic eye liner pencils. They were on sale for a $each. Good stuff...next post will have swatches of whatever eyeliner i have from ULTA.


These Ulta Lipglosses were on sale. These are super shiny lipgloss from Ulta. Usually they retail for $8 a piece. On sale, these were for $1.99
The colours looked pretty. They reminded me of Sock Hop Lipglass from MAC which was LE released during Heatherette collection and i had to literally hunt for it.

Comparison swatches

These lipglosses are not sticky like MAC ones, have good pigmentation and a nice vanilla smell. Very similar smell like MAC lipglasses.
I don't know how much is the staying power, but they do feel good on lips.
Definately worth giving a try.

Pic in Different Lighting

NYC Browser Brow kit

This one i picked simply because i like the cute packing. The whole concept of wax, tweezer, brush, brow colour all in one was just too good to pass.
With Brow thing, the key is to get the perfect colour matching your natural brows. No matter what the brand is, if the colour is perfect and brows neatly filled, they will do the job of framing the face well.

Some browns that can be used as Brow filler

Earlier i used MAC Espresso eyeshadow to fill my brows. Then MAC MUA suggested Cork, which was just not working. Then recently i picked a couple of stuff from MAC, that included Brun e/s and its the perfect colour that i was looking for. NYC browser is in shade brunette. The brown is decently Brown??...but i think Brun will still be my first choice.

There are good brow kits from Wet n Wild, a drugstore brand and it has 2 shades of brow colour in each kit. I will give it a try. It will be good to mix and match and get correct colour intensity.

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  1. WOW! I am loving those Ulta lipglosses right now. I wish Canada had these...these are gorgeous colours.



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