Scorching Sun Duo, Firespot, Evening Aura, Rule, Fab-n-Flashy eyeshadows

NARS Fall collection is absolutely gorgeous and its everywhere on the web..and me, i could barely save and pick this Scorching Sun Duo, that is a part of summer collection. I am super excited with this one, because its my first time "buying" a NARS duo....I have used the shadows in past, but "rental"...

Texture of this duo is nice and soft. I didn't find it powdery or chalky. This duo is more wearable than other oranges i have. The sheen on the dark orange is not OTT and the lighter orange is more of a matte colour, though its not a matte texture.


Scorching Sun Duo, Firespot, Evening Aura, Rule, Fab-n-Flashy eyeshadow

Duos are definately expensive. I wish to have a few more. Mediteranee Duo, Misfit, Rated 'R' are on my lemming list. But with Love that Look collection, Rated 'R' has been striked out.

Surabaya and Cordura are other two duos that i always swatch in store but end up telling myself...'dupable'...I know, they are dupable..but at store they all look soo pretty....i can't stop myself from swatching them everytime...Sephora artists must be thinking,...i am jerk, everytime i walk at the counter and leave without picking...:)

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  1. Looks nice!
    I have two NARS Duos on my wish list. (: