MAC Shade sticks

I was going through my 'eyeshadow bases' like paint pots and paints, when i remembered i have these lovely shadesticks, which for some reason don't get much love from me and are often neglected. Personally, i am not a huge fan of shadesticks simply because i find them a bit dry/hard in texture. As a result, they tend to go on 'not so smooth' over eyelids and the feeling that you have if you are wearing contacts is not so pleasing...(its hurts!!!)


But the good thing is that these are very convinient to store and carry. Also they come in huge range of lovely colours. Paint pots also come in lovely shades, but they are in heavy glass jars...which i don't like at all...:(

The newer shade sticks that were released during Sugarsweet collection were re-formulated one and pretty soft. I don't own any of those. In the past, i had picked 2 shades of shadestick in Silver Blu and Shimmermint..and boy!! they were soo gritty and dry. Thankfully all of these are not like those 2 i had...which i B2M (Back to MAC)


I find Corn and Shimmersand pretty soft..corn is my favorite. Its one of the best GOLD bases to have.
Its always better to warm the shadesticks by rubbing in between palms, to soften them for an easy, even application. These have the tendency to dry out. So they need to be well closed/tightened. You have to close the cap of the shadestick until you hear a "click" sound.

Swatches (no flash)

I have these 2 set of swatches in different lights. Yet learning to photograph makeup, to get the closest, true color possible...:)


  1. Mangomix is gorgeous!!!

  2. I want CORN shadestick!!! It's soo pretty!