July 16, 2009


This is an old haul. My last order placed during the MAC sale. Nothing fancy, just regular, permanent stuff.



A pretty colour, no shimmer and great for everyday wear. As the name suggests, it leans towards warm brown side. I tried swatching Gingerley and taking pics, but i just couldn't get the right pic....so no swatch....Its depressing...i mean you clik like 20 pics, and not even one is good enough to post on blog...Sucks!!!


Bare slimshine which happens to be one of my staples. Longstem rose is a cool, very cool pink colour and i don't see it working for my skin tone. I might end up gifting this one.
The viva glam VI also happend to be dupable with some other lip clours i have. So, i just don't know should i keep it or let it go. So no swatches of these.


Some colours that i have been wanting.
I had Bronze earlier, which my bestie took away. I was always under impression that Bronze was similar to mulch, romp and others. Well, they may appear to be similar in pot, but they are really very different from each other. Bronze is a frost, much smoother, shimmery, with red undertones.


Matte 2 is another of MAC's lovely formula for eyeshadow. They work way better than Mattes, which are really hard to work with. Sign. sealed works as a lovely eye-liner. I don't know why i swatched Contrast next to it..???


I had been using Espresso to fill my brows, but then i thought i need something else. Brun is exact shade i wanted for my brows.


I don't know why these swatches turned out dark, the flash was making it all washed out...the artificial lights were turning it yellow..and natural light is turning it blue ish...well, may be next time.

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