I happened to check the COLOUR CRAFT collection last weekend...and boy!!! we talking glitter festival!! I just swatched the first blush and there were these golden shimmers all over my hand, leaving practically no room to swatch other stuff.
I always knew MSF and mineralize stuff in general were not my thing, but still i end up lemming and buying something.
This time though, i was not caught in all the hype surrounding this collection.
The eyeshadows were pretty, but same old problem...Glitter and fall out...i passed them.

I did end up getting few other stuff from store though.


Colour craft collection made me buy ECLECTIC EDGE lipglass. I also liked Miss Marble lipglass, but i thought it was not unique enough and dupable. I couldn't justify paying $3.50 more only for fancy swirls and packaging...well, the packaging is crapy too...we will get into that later..

My Store had Hello Kitty Fun n Games Blush and i picked that one too.

I also picked Silverthorn from the Rose Romance Collection and Buzz Lipglass from Naked Honey collection. I also bought Belightful to gift a friend.

Hello Kitty was all cute fun collection. I never was soo attracted to it, except for this blush and Popster. But i found it similar to Spaced out blush from Neo-sci Fi collection which i have and love, so i thought i might pick when it ever hits CCO...but in store amongst all the loud glitter and shimmer of Colour Craft, i found this one very serene and!!
I couldn't pass it.

Now, when it comes to select blushes, i trust only and only my friend and fellow blogger XINAROX. She said the best mineralize blushes were from Sonic Chic collection, which i never even bothered to try because they were Mineralize. This time i did picked Gleeful which is seriously gorgeous, bright and very pigmented. It is smooth and no OTT glitter here. I have yet to see how much they accentuate my pores, but the texture is awesome!!


Fun and Games is pretty different from Spaced out. They are definately from same colour family, but FnG is more matte 'ish'...Spaced out has this duochrome kind of shimmer like pink/peach gold...well, its difficult to describe. In a nutshell, FnG is pretty wearable and lovely!!

Eclectic edge's wand

Eclectic edge's packaging

This lipglass has special square packaging, with all swirly colour inside. The downside is it picks practically no product, thanks to the stopper or whatever that white thing is called. This makes the application sheer and uneven.
Eclectic edge swatch
This is my first time buying a "purple/Lavender" lip product. I have been passing all lavenders since lavender whip. I did buy magenta/purple lip stuff, but my first time trying Lavender.
It would work well layered over a lavender lipstick. So i am hunting for lavender whip now.

Buzz from Naked Honey was pretty wearable and i liked it. It is not very dark, black brown. It is copper brown, with slight shimmery pearls. Pretty and wearable.

Comparison swatches

Silverthorn is a Veluxe pearl and i didn't had anything like this in my collection. So it became a part of dear haul aswell. Its a finish that i adore. Its just a silver grey.

This was purchased to gift. Its all chunky glitter. Not for me.

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  1. Nice haul and I'm glad you like my favourite Mac blush (Gleeful).

  2. Belightful is something I never used. It just sits in my vanity.
    Pleasantry is my fav blush from Sonic chic collection