July 7, 2009


The long awaited, mega mineralize collection by MAC by the name COLOUR CRAFT is online.

Every artist must be daring to hone her craft. Go ga-ga over this dizzying array of new hues. The self-made individuality of arts and craft finds its way in a soaring one-of-a-kind creation: you. Don't skimp on the materials. Get creative"

"An Artist’s signature is the finishing touch, the decisive moment when colour, composition, and creativity come together in equal measure.

Colour Craft is all about making it your own…perfection as The Muse intended. This unprecedented assortment of Mineralize Skinfinish shades work it out beautifully, with three new mosaic combinations: Triple Fusion, Smooth Merge, Warm Blend; or simply singular one-shade Sunny By Nature, just Porcelain Pink, or rich Cheeky Bronze. 131 Duo Fibre Brush with built-in short natural fibres AND longer optic fibres all-in-one comes together as the ultimate Artist’s tool for sleek shading and haute highlighting."

Mineralize eyeshadow:
Four shades create a pinwheel design in one compact.

Obb Bits, Natural Flare, Girlish Romp,
Fashion Patch, Eccentricity, Assemblage

Mineralize Blush:
Style Demon, Improvise, Fab-dabulous,
Hand-Finish, Daft Pink, Cheek & Cheerful

Mineralize skin finish:

Porcelain Pink, Sunny by Nature, Cheeky Bronze
Smooth Merge, Warm Blend, Triple Fusion

Three shades swirled together to create a one-of-a-kind marble finish.

Nice Mix Up, Pretty Patern, Funky Fusion
Crazy Haute, Eclectic Edge, Miss Marble

Trimming Talk, Ever Embellish, Colour Crafted
Made With Love, Most Popular, Madly Creative

For detailed onformation:
Pics: Net

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  1. thats too much money to spend.
    love your new web page.



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