Eye shadow bases (Browns)

In continuation with the swatches for eye bases, i find having a neutral base like Soft ochre or Painterly paint pot from MAC is pretty multi-tasking. Infact any neutral base from any brand would work. But at times a little dark base like brown or black helps in certain smokey looks.
Quiet natural or Groundwork paint pots are some nice browns to have.

I have only Quiet natural paint pot, but i find smudging any brown eyeliner with a Smudge brush like MAC 214 or Sephora smudge brush would give the same effect as a paint pot. This may or may not work for everyone, but i find it works for me pretty well. I am able to get various shades of browns as bases by using eyeliner pencils or soft kohl pencils from various brands. Cream eyeliners and Kohl pencils work best for this smuding purpose over water proof ones.

These are a couple of swatches, just to give an idea how any coloured eyeliner pencil can double up as eyeshadow base.


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  1. Hmm...I never though we could use liners as bases...COOL IDEA!