April 5, 2009


I checked this new collection by MAC called COLOUR READY.
The main emphasis of this collection was on their prep and prime line of products, that makes skin ready to put on colour aka makeup.
I wanted to try this primer called Prep+Prime line filler.

The site description says:
"A primer used post-foundation, pre-makeup to camouflage, soften and relax expression lines and wrinkles. Applies as a dense cream: dries to a transparent, smooth, natural matte finish. With ongoing use, clinically proven to help rejuvenate your look."

I picked this ASAP with hopes that it will help me smoothen out the under eye fine lines that i have genetically inherited. I find it pretty smooth and soft in store when i swatched on my hand. Also the lines on my hand appeared less noticeable. I think this will work.
Will review this after using it for a week.

This retails for US $19.50 for 15 ML / 0.5 US FL OZ and comes in a small, black tube.
Pretty expensive in my opinion....:(


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