April 30, 2009



Spontaneous, Fifth Avenue, For Audrey

Black diamond, Avalanche, Up All Night

I finally made it on the very last week of sale by Sally beauty supply. They had this "buy 2 get 1 free" nail polishes. It included almost all the nail polish brands they carry and it was mix n match..

I grabbed a few colours...well famous colours.
Personally i like nail polishes that are "cream" like with no shimmers. But it can look easily different n shabby on each nail if the color is not evenly applied. This is definately not the case with shimmery nail stuff, as it can give false illusion of perfect nails due to its ability to reflect light...Does this make any sense at all???

Anywho, the haul...
I picked these three dark colours...black, grey and navy....My mom would never wear these...never never!!!...Its a colour that usually "witches" wear in fairy tales...lol!!!!
The other three colours are pretty too. My favourite of the whole lot is Spontaneous shade.
I have always been a fan of mauvy/purple shades.
China glaze nail polishes are amazing. No chipping, no cracking...Amost half the price of OPI it surely is a great competition with the brand...and they have a huge rainbow of colours aswell!!

Worth every penny and this was a great deal too...

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