STILA - Pretty face set

Pretty face set

The products

There is always something about these "kits", "sets" that attract me. I find this is one of the very good ways to try a new brand of make up or better add good quality make up in your stash.
Stila has loads of such kits and you can get them at bargain price on this site called beauty crunch.

I got this particular set by Stila called the Pretty face set from Sephora at JCPenney. My JCpenney Sephora has very unusual stuff, that i normally don't get to see at regular Sephora.
The one i picked is in medium shade.
This kit has :

1. Foundation sticks: 2 shades of foundation sticks. The shades have no name, just alphabets!! mine is 'c' and 'd'. One is light enough to work as a concealer and other one is perfect as a foundation for me. They are pretty creamy and work just fine. I use the Sonia kashuk's blue blender sponge to apply this one. Personally i hate any kind of foundation on my face, but then again, there are times you just can't get away with that!!!

2. Tinted moisturizer: The very famous Stila illuminating tinted moisturiser. It has SPF 15. The kit has shade in No 1. Personally, i find them a bit sticky. i don't hate it, but i am not a huge fan. I would suggets trying samples if possible, before buying the full size, as it retails for $32 i ges.

3. Mascara: Stila Major lash mascara. I have yet to try this one. I already have other mascaras open and in use, so didn't want to open a new one... or else it will dry out!!!

4. Stila Lip glaze: Lip glaze in Brown sugar. It comes with the pen kind of tube with a brush applicator. I personally like this color. Again, liking a shade of lipstick or a lipgloss is pretty subjective. It varies from person to person.
In all a good deal for all 5 products. $25!!!....not at all bad, knowing the fact that the moisturiser alone costs $32 and the lipglaze is a whopping $22!!!
Highly recommend any kind of sets/kits!!!

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