March 25, 2009



This is one stuff i was pretty excited about when i saw the promos and adds on various beauty blog. Knowing the fact that MSFs accentuate my pores, I picked it, but honestly i am not liking it!!
Refined MSF is a warm, peach toned MSF.I really want to like this stuff, because it meets all the criteria that i search in a MSF.
Its finely milled, soft in texture, no over the top shimmers, no huge chunks of glitter...just the right amount of sheen....with soo many good qualities i am still not liking it!!!
I tried this with various brushes like skunk brush, fluffy brush, blush brush. I tried it on its own, over 2 different colours of blush, as highlighter, as all over face colour...YES, all over the face. If you swirl a huge fluffy, face brush in the areas with less peach veining, it gives the face an all over sheen...this was probably the best way of application i liked on myself.
Well, Its OPAQUE!!! I found that using it over the blush as highlighter kinda changed the colour of my blush. It looked ashy!! This left a whitish residue on cheeks. This being opaque i think it works best as all over sheen powder type stuff.
But again, shine, shimmer, glitter its all subjective. It depends on person to person...something that didn't work on me, doesn't means it won't work on everybody...
Currently, i don't know what to do with this one....
swap...or keep??? has some lovely comparison swatches. The opacity of Refined MSF is easily visible in the swatches. Luckily it worked for this lovely gal...i wished it worked for me as well....:)
This definately is worth giving a try though!!!


  1. This actually the only MSF I have ever liked. It gives me a beautiful glow! At the same time, it doesn't make my pores look like craters as some of the other msf's do.

  2. lucky you!!! i so wanted this stuff to work for me....All other MSFs make my pores look seriously large....i thot this wud work...but didn't!!!



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