MAC Pigments...LOVE-HATE relation

Column 1 Top to bottom: Vintage gold, Golden Olive, Old gold, gold mode
Column 2 Top to bottom: Tan, Choclate brown, Cocomotion
Column 3 Top to bottom: Pink Bronze, Melon, blue Brown
Column 4 top to bottom: Violet, Teal, Fushcia, Cornflower

My love for pigments is not very old...its pretty fresh and new. In one of my last posts i had mentioned how a video on you tube impressed me with pigments.
I have a CCO nearby, so i bought my first few pigments from that place especially because i am new to piggies (i lovingly call them piggies) and secondly because i would never finish the whole jar in this paying something close to $20 per jar was kinda little "filled with guilt"...:). I do prefer buying pigments from CCO over the store.
I never used to ask for pigment samples at MAC store..infact i never used to ask for any sample...but then later i decided i would go ahead and ask for these.

I have collected close to 20 pigment samples in a short period of time, thanks to a lovely MUA at my local MAC.
What lovely colours and boy!!! The MA gave me pretty generous amount of each sample. I don't think i will ever need to buy any more piggies especially from the permanent line, simply because if ever i run out of them my MA will give me some more again....:)
I know this is bad! Samples are for trying out and later we are supposed to buy full size..but its ok...i have given my share of money lots a time to MAC and made them richer by few hundreds of dollars....guess i deserve it...:)
The only thing that i hate about pigments is their ability to mess!!! These are in powder form. So their is bound to spillage and stuff. Also, very difficult to travel with. A little negligence and you get a whole messed up vanity case.
But again, with soo many lovely colors, its worth taking extra care.
Due to their powder form, they can be mixed with other colours to make a totally new color. There are billions of permutations- combinations...the possibilities are endless!!!!

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