March 22, 2009






I was soo busy picking stuff from CCO in the past months, that i hardly had any money left for buying the fresh stuff/collection from the MAC stores. So i thought of giving a halt to my CCO purchases and instead check the new goodies.

Brunette, Blonde, Redhead was a very promising collection, but it didn't impress me much (because of the dupable collection) except for a few things. Hello Kitty was never for me. I really wanted at least something to like in that collection especially because i wanted to buy something for collection sake. It definately had the collector item stuff like those mirrors and stuff...but i just wanted some make-up with the packaging. I am eyeing FUN n GAMES blush from the collection, though i know its very much similar to SPACED OUT blush from Neo-Sci-Fi collection. As i use a lot of peach colored blush, i thought having a similar one won't hurt!!!
Anywho, there is something about these Limited edition (LE) stuff that MAC comes out with.
My past experiences have taught me that most of these LE stuff can be found at CCO after few months. If you are not some one who is like 'first day, first show' its good to have patience and wait. Ofcourse this is not applicable if you don't have a CCO nearby. I found that if a LE product is not unique or one of its kind, it just hits the CCO. If its really cool, sells out fast.

So the key is, read reviews, blogs and judge whats gona sell out fast...really fast. Those stuff can be bought by paying full amount, for the rest CCO....!!!!

Oh, the haul...
1. MAC eyeshadow in Flip (BBR collection)
2. Marquise'D lipstick (BBR collection)
3. 226 brush (BBR collection)
4. 15 eyeshadow pro-palatte
5. Empty quads
I didn't wanted to take any chances with the brush and flip eyeshadow. I knew these were selling like hot cakes!!!
Now my next target is gonna be B2M some empties. I have collected quite a few. Talk of saving some moolah by getting freebies!!!!

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