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CORALISTA my love!!!

NARS Deep throat, MAC Springsheen, Benefit Coralista

Its MAC Grand duos everywhere...MAC lovers are raving about it...all major blogs covering every tiny bit of details about these and not to mention, the lovely swatches. Me on other hand always knew from the day i saw the promos, that these were not for me...Why?? Simply because they don't work for me. They are way too shimmery and crumbly for my taste. I am not a huge fan of MSFs or mineralize blushes. They make my pores look big and, i seriously don't have any visible pores...does that makes sense??
Anywho, i was torn between my lemming for CORALISTA blush by Benefit and all the hype about MAC grand duos. The reviews and people's love made me think shud i try the Mineralize stuff again?? I am glad i didn't go by the hype and instead agreed to listen my heart...

I bought CORALISTA...its a lovely lovely colour...yay!!!

The blush has crazy cute packaging, but definately not a durable one. It also has a tiny bit of scent, but thats pretty mild.This comes with a tiny brush which is of no use....I tried swatching, but with my horrible art of cliking swatch pictures, it turned out crap...and i chose not to put them on blog...just didn't want to pass on bad pictures for this lovely goody....amazing soft texture, not OTT shimmers and lovely peachy pink color!!!!
I did post a comparison picture of Coralista with NARS Deep throat and MAC Springsheen. None of these are similar in person...which definately is a good news!!!!

Love my Coralista!!! Highly recommended for people who love coral/peachy/peachy pink blushes....

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