February 19, 2009

Beauty Buys - Smashbox



My recent visits to Sephora were more to check out the latest collections in cosmetic world. Usually i have a product in mind which i want to buy, but past 2 visits i went with open mind...like with no 'wishlist'.

Its kinda fun, because i could look at other brands which i normally don't do, when i go with a product in mind. I am more engrosed in swatching the things i have short listed...comparing them...and then buying them.

This time i swatched Stila, Smashbox, Urban decay...fun!!!
So while i was at Smashbox counter, i saw this tiny little cute set 'BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS'.

I always wanted to try out SOFT LIGHTS by Smashbox, but as it is a permanent product and with a price tag of $28 it just takes a back seat. This kit had a blush/highlighter duo, half of which was Softlights.....Great!!!!

It also had a Brow Tech and Cream eye liner palatte. So far good....

This also came with a full size lipgloss in a lovely shade...cool!!!

Also was included an eyeshadow trio...neutral shades...

The kit had 4 decent size products for just $24. Not bad...i thought at this rate no harm in giving it a try....Needless to say, i bought it...
I have been using the products from past few days and i must say...prettyy impressive!!!!

Detailed review in another post soon...!!!

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  1. The lipgloss is pretty. good deal.



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