February 10, 2009

Haulage is Knowledge...Sephora








Super duper excited about this one....

So i always wanted to buy the CARGO blu-ray blush. I always looked at this at least once in Sephora store, especially because of the chic black packaging and also for the lovely peachy/pink color with slight gold shimmers...ohhh....just like NARS orgasm/deep throat. But looking at the price tag, i just kept lemming over it. Then came a CARGO gift set which included this blush as part of it..and to my bad luck, i missed getting the kit, which sold out at my Sephora like hot cakes....

Recently on a very very cold Saturday, to kill the 'coldness' and do some 'timepass' i went to my local mall, which had a Sephora inside JCpenney. They had this limited edition set by CARGO in stock and to my utter happiness n joy they accepted the JCPenny gift card which i had...yipeee!!! So after pooling 2 JCPEnny gift cards and a Sephora gift card i did buy this beauty for myself.

The kit includes:
1. CARGO Blu-ray high definition mattifier (oil free)
2. CARGO Blu-ray blush
3. CARGO Blu-ray pressed powder
4. CARGO lipgloss palatte
5. CARGO mascara

The blush, powder, mattifier are super good. The mascara i am not sure. I personally just can't differentiate much between mascaras...as long as a mascara doesn't clumps, i am fine with it....lame!!!
I am not a huge fan of lipgloss that are in palattes simply because it has to be applied with a brush which is not very user friendly....
This line of CARGO has mixed reviews in makeupalley and a few other forums. I didn't buy it because it is this "high-defination" thing...i care least...
Personally i always believe if a thing works for me, it works for me....no matter what the brand is...no matter what people are saying....

Detailed review soon in another post.


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