January 3, 2010

TOO FACED - LOCKDOWN Cream Eye Shadow Swatches

Swatches of Lockdown eyeshadow in Bondage, Bedroom eyes,
Dramarama, Prisoner of love, I'm Guilty

The colors available are:
Bedroom Eyes (shimmering taupe)
Bondage (shimmering ivory champagne)
Dramarama (shimmering chocolate brown)
I'm Guilty (shimmering teal blue)
Jailbait (shimmering pale pink)
Prisoner Of Love (shimmering soft pink)

Swatches in different lighting

These are in-store swatches and I am missing swatch of Jailbait. I have reviewed Lockdown cream shadow on the blog. Check out if interested. Bedroom eyes look interesting....what do you guys think??


  1. the clours are too pretty...i love im guilty,dramarama is a nice naturla colour too ..nice swatches

  2. Bondage, Bedroom eyes and Dramarama are so very my types of colors.



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