January 15, 2009

Haulage is Knowledge...


The colors...

The shades...

Shadowy lady up close....





I seriously liked the way this lovely lady Melissa (melformakeup.blogspot.com) describes Haul videos and haul blog posts. Something which mainly people consider as show-off is actually an informative video/post. I always liked hauls because they helped me to know what stuffs are available in market, how do they look like, where to find them, cost etc. In short, it prepares me to "be prepared" and face a few snob MUA or makeup associates present in stores and not get over-whelmed by the lovely glamour and glitter.

Anywho, MAC recently had 25% off sale and i did buy a few products online. An insight of goodies i bought...:)
Eye shadows in Talent pool, Romp, Patina, Plumage, Hepcat and Club.
Shadowy lady quad.
Lippies in Mocha, Twig, Faux and Amorous

It was a great deal...i wish i should have bought some more stuff....It was a bad timing for the sales...i mean comeon, all the moolah had been spent in Holidays and whatever little was left was saved for new collection...newez, now i have 6 e/s to depot and B2M them for some more freebies!!! Love the B2M programme!!!

Hoping for similar FF sales by MAC in the upcoming months...:)


  1. Awesome haul!!! :D Love b2m too!! :D

  2. Those lipsticks are super lovely.

  3. great haull love da color



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