December 10, 2008

Two Faced Shadow Insurance (TFSI)


I had completely forgotten about my Too Faced Shadow Insurance that I had recently ordered from their friends and family sale at 20% off. So many packets coming from various websites, that this poor little cute thing was forgotten!!! (blame the holiday deals)
It is a cream that is used as a base on eyes under the eyeshadows to prevent it from creasing or fading. I have oily lids and generally people with oily lids prefer UDPP aka Urban decay primer potion or paint pots by MAC as bases. Again its a matter of personal preferance, whatever suits you!!!
so far i have not experianced any creasing with this and its difficult to choose between UDPP and TFSI. This thing does win over UDPP in its packaging as a lot of product is wasted in the later due to its ultra funky, curvy bottle.

anywho, i am liking this for most part and as of now its good to have two options!!!

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