December 16, 2008

ORIGINS Modern friction..An exfoliant

I had picked this product in October i guess and had mentioned about it. Now an update :)
ORIGINS Modern Friction is an exfoliant and ORIGINS box says its, ‘Nature’s gentle dermabrasion'
Gently removes sluggish cells, uneven patches and surface skin damage. Mops up free radicals. Refines, polishes and smoothes without the irritation.
This contains rice starch to slough off dead, sluggish skin cells and has a citrus scent to it.
Its to be used two to three times a week by massaging gently over dry skin in circular motion. Suitable for all skin types.
I find it much better using it on slightly damp skin because its little harsh if used over dry skin. I tend to pull my skin which is a big no-no!!! If it accidently enters the eyes, OMG it hurts/stings badly (whole day!!)
The end result is however very amazing. I find my skin very soft, smooth and instantly polished.
Personally I find it a good skin care product, something that I will use and buy again. As it comes in a jar, some hygiene is to be maintained because the product is to be scooped out using fingers and no one wants to contaminate their skin care products!!!


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