December 9, 2008

MAC Brush cleanser (review)

(need to figure out some better techniques for taking pictures :( )

MAC brush cleanser

This stuff is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
I always used to clean my brushes with home-made brush cleanser. Not that it was bad, but this brush cleanser from MAC is so nice. It makes cleaning brushes so simple and easy.
The cleaning directions on the pack is not so user friendly (for me). So i just follow my own little technique. I take a some cleanser on a soft, wet tissue and rub my brushes gently on it till its clean and the wipe off again on the cleaner side. I then re-shape the brushes while they are moist and leave them to try. They are ready by next day to be used again.
Once in 15 days i do follow my old routine of cleaning brushes with home-made brush cleanser or baby shampoo and conditioner (a recipie which i got on youtube by Encore)
Personally, i find it worth every penny and a must have!!!!


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